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Our Story

It all started with a dog named George

It all started with a dog named George.

Ever read what’s in your skincare? Don’t worry. Until a few years ago, I hadn’t either.

Then one morning after applying a popular facial moisturizer, my dog George jumped up and licked my face. For the first time, I wondered, ”What’s in this stuff & will George be okay?”

So I read the ingredients and instead of skin-nourishing extracts, it was filled with unpronounceable chemicals. This lead to hours of research and a shocking discovery: Most Skincare is cluttered with up to 75% Water, Chemicals, & Synthetics (like Plastic). Why? To achieve 2+ years of in-store & warehouse shelf-life.

I got to thinking, if skincare was fresh-made, there’d be no shelf-life chemical clutter & higher concentrations of skin-nourishing extracts. So I set off researching the best skin-revitalizing extracts from around the globe for my fresh-made formulas.

Two years later, Ktchn Apothecary was born. And it all started with a dog named George.


Kevin     George
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Kevin & George