Hydrating Facial Cleanser

Gently cleanses away impurities, leaving skin supple, hydrated, & refreshed

Size: 118 ml | 4.0 fl oz
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Product Benefits

Discover a facial cleanser you'll love! Our unique formula combines the benefit of a gentle foaming cleanser with the rich hydration of a cleansing cream.

Formulated with deeply-hydrating Aloe Vera, emollient-replenishing Avocado Fruit Extract, moisture-restoring Botanical Glycerol, & antioxidant-protective Essential Oil of Sage, this creamy cleanser activates with water, lightly foaming to gently cleanse away makeup & impurities, leaving skin Supple, Hydrated, & Refreshed.

Hand-crafted in small batches for ultimate freshness & potency, our Hydrating Facial Cream arrives freshly-blended & ready to apply.

  • ✓ Gently Cleanses & Removes Makeup without stripping skin’s natural oil
  • ✓ Washes away excess oil, dirt, & impurities
  • ✓ Restores skin hydration barrier
  • ✓ Antioxidant Protection from daily environmental aggressors
  • ✓ pH-Optimized to strengthen skin’s natural balance
  • ✓ Leaves skin Supple, Hydrated, & Refreshed

Key Hydrating Botanicals

Pure Aloe Vera Pure Aloe Vera
The ancient Egyptians called Aloe Vera the "plant of immortality". With over 75 Vitamins, Enzymes, Minerals, & Amino Acids, Pure Aloe is known to renew & deeply hydrate the skin.

Avocado Fruit ExtractAvocado Fruit Extract
Cold-Pressed from the pulp of virgin avocado fruit, this potent extract is abundant in Linoleic Acid & Oleic Acid known to restore collagen & elasticity, visibly firming & lifting skin.

Botanical Glycerol Botanical Glycerol
Extracted from natural plant oils, Botanical Glycerol is known for its powerful ability to pull moisture from the air into the skin, instantly replenishing skin moisture balance.

Essential Oil of SageEssential Oil of Sage
Steam distilled from fresh sage leaves, this essential oil is packed with Polyphenols and Rosmarinic Acid, potent antioxidants known to fight free radicals and visibly reverse signs of aging.

Our Hydrating Facial Cleanser has up to 3X more Potent Botanical Extracts to instantly cleanses away excess oil & dirt, leaving skin Supple, Hydrated, & Refreshed.

  • ✓ Made in the USA
  • ✓ Sulfate-Free
  • ✓ Paraben-Free
  • ✓ Phthalate-Free
  • ✓ Sulfate-Free
  • ✓ Gluten-Free
  • ✓ Artificial Fragrance-Free
  • ✓ Mineral Oil-Free
  • ✓ Alcohol-Free
  • ✓ Silicone-Free
  • ✓ Colorant-Free
  • ✓ Cruelty-Free (No Animal Testing. Ever.)

  • ✓ All Skin Types
  • ✓ Daily & Nightly Cleansing
  • ✓ Makeup Removal
  • ✓ Anti-Aging
  • ✓ Antioxidant Protection

There are 2 categories of facial cleansers out there: “Foaming” which leaves your skin squeaky clean, but dry. Or “Cream” which leaves your skin hydrated but without feeling clean. With our Hydrating Facial Cleanser, there's no compromise -- Your skin is left squeaky clean & beautifully hydrated. Why settle for anything less than perfectly cleansed skin when now you don't have to?

  • "...Minimalistic ingredients and less fillers. Basically, only stuff that’s going to benefit your complexion."

  • "Founder Kevin Lesser’s brand actually grew out of a second of concern he had for his dog, George, who licked Lesser’s face just after he’d applied a department store moisturizer. The natural a-ha moment took place when he realized that if he was worried about his pup ingesting the ingredients, he might also not want to put that same stuff on his face."

  • "Skincare brand Ktchn Apothecary ensures potency by instructing customers to mix the products’ active ingredients at home. Ktchn Apothecary’s at-home process allows for a more effective product that doesn’t need the dilution or chemicals that keep other moisturizers shelf-stable."

  • "We tried it ourselves and couldn't believe how easy it was — really."

  • "Revolutionizes the idea of beauty products, starting right from the production stage."
    -The Blonde Salad

  • "The result is a 99% natural product—unlike pharmacy products that are diluted with chemicals and fillers."
    -The Zoe Report

  • "To lock in hydration: We like DIY moisturizer kit Ktchn Apothecary, which uses a pure aloe base instead of water."

  • "This is a thick, creamy, lovely moisturizer that soaks right in. It is wonderfully hydrating and has a lovely herbal scent."
    -Beauty Info Zone

  • "We’re celebrating all things chic and eco...we decided to get in on the action by trying out Ktchn Apothecary"

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Leaves your skin supple, hydrated, & refreshed or your Money-Back. Naturally.


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